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Angie ZXUH

Certified AUMAKHUA-KI® Master, AKEH Remote Practitioner, Certified Teacher with 2 decades of Business, Analyst, Teaching experience.

Angie ZXUH (just say the letters. Z-X-U-H) is a Certified Instructor, Certified Master Practitioner, and recovering Tax Franchise owner. She is passionate about working with and teaching vibration healing concepts through AUMAKHUA-KI® Energy Balancing & Meditation and Crystal Healing concepts. Her passion for meditation and natural healing helped her to overcome hurdles in managing her sensitivity to crowds and has supported her own personal weight loss journey, losing over 100 lbs. She comes to this body of work with an understanding of the beginners mind and helps her students understand that regardless of your age or background that doing the work, following the prompts from your heart and soul, finding and surrounding yourself with the right people and teachers will create acceleration in your life. “Teaching others AUMAKHUA-KI® Energy Balancing is significantly more satisfying than teaching people how to prepare income taxes.” For over 10 years, teaching hundreds of people one of the most complicated systems in the country, she was able to identify that students learn best when their own unique learning style is honored, encouraged, and supported, and is always available to assist and inspire the students that come through AK Midwest. Angie is the second student in the Midwest to achieve Instructor Level certification. As co-founder of AK Midwest, Angie is dedicated to helping equip others to take charge of their own healing potential. She is a wife, mother of two, and often seen blessing places, spaces, and people she meets with her #crystalkisses and #akvibes.

Tamara Gold

Certified AUMAKHUA-KI® Master Instructor, Master and Remote Practitioner, Master Coach, Award Winning International Holistic Lifestyle Podcaster and Co-Founder of AK Midwest Training has 3 decades of Leadership, Teaching, Practice Building experience.

Tamara Gold has been un-apologetically defying and overcoming limitations in human potential since she was a teenager. Her unique intuitive skills, passion for natural healing, teaching, and expertise in her field has set her apart and put her on a path of creating multiple, global, holistic educational programs and lifestyle companies.Tamara has overcome life and career threatening events, from a punctured lung, broken ribs, multiple sports injuries, adrenal fatigue, serve whiplash and spinal injury using a fusion of bio-energetic, holistic and modern medicine.

It is through these experiences that Tamara finds deep conviction to study and hack human potential and healing. When every field of science –- including traditional, alternative, Eastern and Western medicine, physical therapy and fitness failed to help her recover fully from her injuries from a car accident, she rolled up her sleeves and dove much deeper into the study and application of biohacking, energetic based balancing, neuroscience and psychoneuroimmunology. Through her daily practice of AUMAKHUA-Ki ®  Tamara attributes her ability to create life changing shifts rapidly in her body and the ability to reach the upper limits of potential personally and professionally to this body of work.

Tamara met Ojela Frank , AUMAKHUA-Ki ®Grand Master, in 2010 at a Qi-Gong Instructor Training.  From the moment she felt Ojela’s first AK energy transmission she knew she would study and teach this frequency of healing. She walked away once from running  multi-million dollar fitness franchises in 2001 and finally severed ties and walked away from corporatized wellness and franchised education in 2013. As much as she loved rolling up her sleeves and equipping people in live settings; She grew disgusted at the corporate – “people are disposable” mindset, burning out of talent, and the corruption she witnessed in education. The greedy enrollment practices that strapped students with massive amounts of student loan debt only to herd these adults to franchised wellness establishments akin to sweat shops and dead end jobs.

She has made it her life’s work to educate, empower, and equip people to accelerate their own human potential, energy, resiliency, and ability to heal. To equip people to create a truly thriving holistic business sharing wellness and service based programs by fully activating their upper limits of performance, abundance and unique gift expression .She has spent over 30 years training professionals, running multi-million dollar wellness franchises, teaching, has created 117 signature programs for various fitness, corporate wellness, wellness professionals and national curriculum that exceed professional licensing standards for 2 national Massage franchises.

Tamara has specialized in Structural bodywork, Fascial corrective therapy, Bio-Energetic Therapy, Meditation, Neuroscience Based Holistic Health & Master Life Coaching where she has earned many accolades throughout her career. As an Instructor, she is specialized in accelerated learning and an authority on holistic healing methodology who has helped thousands of students reach the highest levels of personal – professional achievement. She has spent a lifetime helping people from all walks of life to reach their upper limits of purpose, restore their health from those suffering from chronic pain to pro-athletes, executives, actors, to everyday mom’s and dad’s. It is through her discoveries about the human body and practical applications of her fusion of structural techniques, bio-energetic balancing, and holistic high performance coaching techniques that have allowed to her incorporate tools in a way that defy’s the philosophy of traditional medicine, physical therapy, and many popular methods. Today, Tamara helps educate people through holistic health based modalities, coaches women on ways to master ambition, focus, and purpose, and her private sessions at her SoulFueled Studio work to help correct many physical and emotional barriers within the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Chronic and recurring pain, neurological conditions, athletic injuries, as well as “mystery pains” that often elude traditional medicine.

Tamara has coined the phrase “SoulFueled”, which is focuses on educating and empowering clients to activate and align to their highest human potential. She inspires and equips people with cutting edge tools to self-treat instead of relying solely on traditional medicine and medication. Rather than being treatment-centric, Tamara and the Ak Midwest Team are dedicated to an education-centric, energy based, approach to accelerating healing and human potential. It is a synergistic, big-picture approach to the body, mind, and spirit.  Together, Tamara and Angie are furthering the expansion and research in the field of natural healing and meditation fusing science, spirituality, chakras, and soul. She is a wife, mother of 3, animal lover, a well-respected and seasoned coach and educator. Her authenticity and no sugar coating approach is truly about activating your fullest potential. Tamara isn’t just changing bodies; she’s changing mindsets and perceptions. She’s empowering people to break free of their self-imposed limits and redefining what is possible.

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