AK Midwest Co-Founded By : 

Tamara Gold of The SoulFueled Academy – Online | Grayslake | Chicago -Northwest Suburbs

Angie ZX UH of Lasting Serenity – Crystal Lake


2109 AumaKhua-Ki®

Energy Balancing & Meditation Training & Workshops


AumaKhua– Ki ® Energy Balancing

Online Practitioner Immersion Program

Hand’s on training with 35 CEU’s available for LMT’s

  • Level 1 April 29 th   5 pm- 9pm CST
  • Level 2 May 16 th & May 17th 6 pm – 9 pm CST
  • Level 3 June 20th & 21st  6pm – 9 pm CST
  • Level 4 July 18, 19, 25, 26th 9am -5pm CST
  • Master – Dates Pending 

5 Levels of AK Activation

AUMAKHUA-KI® Energy Balancing is a potent personal, professional and spiritual development system. This energy modality is for those ready to move beyond just basic hand placements, fragmented, watered down & “trendy” energy concepts that just teach you hand placement and nothing else. This program is for those who are ready to invest in a deeper level of activation, intuitive refinement, the understanding of energy and learning the consciousness connection to symptoms, dis-ease and stress.

As you move through the program you will increase your capacity to know and channel more energy in a way that is comfortable for you and/or your client and provide you a large library of beginner – advanced energy activation, exploration and meditations to continually propel you on throughout your journey.

This training, whether you are a health care professional or a spiritual seeker is designed to help you cultivate the skills required to create repeatable, lasting results and transformation.


You will receive:

  • 5 Attunement Ceremonies
  • Sacred Key’s Of Light, 8 – Mantras, Energy Activations & Master Manifesting Key
  • 5 Manuals Sacred Symbols
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Access To a Private online – ongoing support group
  • Monthly Online Energy Shares
  • Weekly Certification Accountability Pacing & Support
  • 1 Masterclass on Practice Building

Location: The Love Light Healing Center, 408 Center St. Grayslake, Il

Training details/dated and confidentiality documents are emailed after registration is completed

Hosted by Master Instructor:

Tamara Gold, B.S., LMT, Master Practitioner, Neuro-Success Coach

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Looking to host a live or online training? 

Contact Tamara@akmidwest.com

Be sure to check back we are updating our training calendar each week. If you would like to host a LIVE / Continuing Education AK Energy Balancing & Meditation Training Event for your staff or studio In the Midwest; Please contact Tamara@akmidwest.com

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