About AK Midwest

Together, Tamara Gold, Certified AUMAKHUA-KI® Master Instructor, Master, Remote Practitioner, Certified Neuroscience Health Coach, Master Life Coach, Holistic Nutritionist and Master MindBody NMT with 3 decades of experience & expertise in Fitness-Holistic Education Business operating a successful in person and online Practice along with Angie ZXUH, Certified AUMAKHUA-KI® Master and Remote Practitioner, Certified Teacher, Certified Crystal Healer with 2 decades of Business, Tax Analyst – Teaching experience have formed this group, Aumakhua-Ki® Midwest, to spread the bliss of the AUMAKHUA-KI® frequency throughout the Midwest.

 We believe that so many modalities, taught live or online, teach you what is outlined in their course, then send you out to do the work, and to figure everything else out for yourself. We want something better for you! We want to teach you how to truly deepen your learning experience of energy healing and meditation by offering on going support, group meditations, mentorship and more. Our goal is to empower you to expand the energy and light you carry inside. We will help you to fully expand your existing relationship with energy healing, meditation and remote healing.

Our Mission


Taking an AK class attunes you to the frequency, teaches you assessment, self-care, practical skills, gives you an outline of the energetic system and how it works and how it can affect a client’s day to day life (from a science meets spirituality based perspective). We give you a potent, highly organized, holistic assessment approach to discover what is driving energetic imbalances in the bodymind complex, in your consciousness, endocrines, energy bodies, and energy centers. By fusing science, spirituality, the complete chrakra model, and soul activation you leave the first class understanding how to manage your own energy field & power centers, channel – direct energy for healing, with a powerful 21 day self-care routine, a complete grounding, breath, 3 meditations, along with a full chair balancing session to use on yourself, family, friends, and clients.


We believe that ongoing interaction and support can be the difference, whether you want to build a practice of your own, or care for yourself and your family. We have an online member community where you can ask questions, post success stories, and interact with other AK practitioners. We offer workshops and events that will guide you through the certification process and we know from experience that doing the work to achieve the certifications is critical to your success and quality of work. We want to empower you to use AK in whatever way is right for you!

Our online community and website will offer support and business building advice. Certified Practitioners will have the opportunity to be listed on our website and receive referral clients to build a remote healing practice.


We want to inspire you to follow your path, build your self-care toolbox, to take what you have learned and turn it into a successful practice to help and guide others. If you believe that collaboration, rather than competition, is the perfect way to build your business, we would love to be a part of that collaboration!

Connect With Our Community Online

Stop by and say hello to us on Facebook. This is where you will catch the latest training news, events, and updates on our upcoming global energy healing meditation events, chakra balancing series, and stress busting challenges.

Learn Akeh On Our Next Live Online Training

Become a cutting edge energy healing & meditation practitioner from the comfort of your home.

Our Aumakhua-Ki ® Midwest Training Master Instructor, Tamara Gold, offers Level 1 -3 training experiences online. Tamara has 3 decades of teaching experience with health and wellness professionals, in building national level, professional and nationally approved continuing education cirriculum. With over 14 years experience creating effective interactive immersion style learning experiences online; We gaurantee You will feel highly equipped to share the Ak energy with your friends, family, and clients after this training.

Learn Akeh At Our Next Live Training Event

Do you learn better by live in person interactions and experiences?

Then Join our Master Instructor, Tamara Gold, and Instructor, Angie ZXUH, our AK Midwest Training Staff in our Crystal Lake, Il. Location for the next Live In Person Training Event.

We share with you a fuller interactive hands on training experience and a few more hours per level of training to fully equip you to assess, practice, and build a private or remote energy healing & meditation practice.

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