Balance; Are you a “Sponge” for Negative Energy?

Balance; Are you a “Sponge” for Negative Energy?

There are so many people right now that are struggling with taking on the “stuff” of others. Empaths. I was once told I am a “sponge for negative energy”. At the time, I believed that, so I suppose it was the truth. Since then, I have learned that being less “Energy Sensitive” is all about BALANCE.

Even though the person that said it offered me no suggestions on what to do about it, is to set me on a path of discovery. For 30 or 40 years, I was “sensitive” to the energy of others. What I know now, is that I was sensitive to the VIBRATION of others.

When people are upset, angry, anxious, or afraid, their vibration reflects it. When people are elated, excited, grateful, or joyful, their vibration reflects that too! Some of us are more sensitive to those vibrations than others. I was as likely to react to positive energy as I was to “negative” energy. If I was in a grocery store full of aggravated people who were in a hurry, I would be overwhelmed by that energy and leave. If I was in a large training group, filled with enthusiastic people, I would have just as strong a reaction, however, it would manifest in a different way. “Was Angie QUIET this time?” was not an unusual question, as I had trouble controlling my enthusiasm, and would often interrupt whomever was speaking because of my excitement. I just couldn’t control what came out of my mouth.

What I believe now is that there is NO NEGATIVE ENERGY, only polarity. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. People don’t generate negative energy, their current emotional state causes their vibration to raise or lower depending on the emotions they are feeling. “Empathic”, or as I like to call myself, “Energy Sensitive” people are more likely to react to those vibrational states. This raises the question:


I tried many things, from “Protective Bubbles” to a pocket full of crystals, a Black Tourmaline necklace, and, of course, avoiding the situations that caused the discomfort in the first place. All worked, but I wondered, “All of these things are external, is there a way for me to control this internally?” If I forgot “the bubble”, back at square one. If I left the crystals at home, back to the sensitivity. There had to be a better way!

I started doing Yoga at a local gym. Yoga is primarily about balance. It includes a meditation at the end. After a while, I started to notice that I was less reactive, less uncomfortable in high energy situations. This body-mind quest has lead me to energy work. Everything is energy.

The more I learned, the more I realized that balanced energy is what keeps our vibration higher, and a higher vibrational state is what keeps us less reactive to the lower vibrational energy. We each have the power to develop and strengthen our own “Energetic Immune System”.  For me, the answer was AUMAKHUA-KI® Energy Balancing and Meditation. As I progressed through the levels, meditation and balance became easier for me to maintain, and now, as an AK Master Practitioner, I am able to go where I want, do what I want, even go to the grocery store on the day before a blizzard, or a Saturday morning.

If you are an “Energy Sensitive”, I would encourage you to embark on you own journey of discovery. Might learning to keep your own energy in balance be the answer for you, as well?


Maintaining a purpose driven life using energy healing

Maintaining a purpose driven life using energy healing

The Heart Math Institute has done a wonderful job in using science and research to prove and validate the power of energy healing and meditation to increase the strength of your energy field and coherence between the mind and body. Studies show maintaining higher vibrational states physically and emotionally lead to better energy, improved thinking, emotional intellegence, leadership skills, purpose and compassion.


Learn more about our remote sessions and helping you to create a purpose driven life using AK Energy Balancing & Meditation click here.

Love and Blessings,

The AK Midwest Training & Research Team


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