“I just want”. One of the most limiting phrases there is! I was working with someone yesterday who said, “I just want a practice that sustains itself.” Another day someone posted on Facebook, “I just want enough to get by.” I believe that the Universe WANTS us to have all that we desire, that is in our highest good. So, while “enough to get by” might seem like a reasonable request, I think it means that, for some reason, we feel we don’t DESERVE more than that. There is much scientific evidence that proves the Law of Attraction, the truth is, I am not a science-minded person. I just know what I see, and what feels right to me. So I would ask you to consider, if you make a statement like “I just want enough to get by.”, that is all you will ever receive. Maybe it would be better to focus on something like “I want enough to live the best possible life I can here on Earth.” No limits, no “just”, only clear intention. Instead of “I just want a practice that sustains itself.” how about “I want a practice that sustains itself and ME, so that my work can have the most positive impact possible!”? Cancel/Clear the word just every time you accidentally use it. Look inside to see why you feel you don’t deserve more than “just”. YOU DO DESERVE MORE, you just need to believe it! Take down the fence that surrounds your comfort zone, step a toe outside it, and see “just” how much there is out there waiting for you!


Angie ZX UH
Co-Founder of AK Midwest Training
Certified AUMAKHUA-KI® Master and Remote Practitioner, Certified Instructor, Crystal Healing Practitioner
E: Angie@akmidwest.com
Original blog post here: http://www.lastingserenityenergyhealing.com/single-post/2016/08/28/Are-you-limiting-yourself-unintentionally

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