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Energy Balancing & Meditation Training

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Tamara Gold, B.S., NMT, CES, AK Master Instructor, AK Master.

Angie ZXUH, Crystal Healer, AK Instructor, AK Master.

Are you looking for the missing link to taking your existing energy practice the next level?

No more guess work. Learn precise chakra assessment, activation, and energy balancing protocols.

AumaKhua-Ki® Energy balancing and meditation activation’s completely elevate your ability to channel energy, create balance with in the body’s energy field to deepen the relaxation response and emotional clearing components with in your transformational session work. AK enhances and easily integrates into your existing framework and self-care practices.

AumaKhua-Ki® IS one of the most activating energy frequencies we’ve felt in 30 years. AKEB & M levels 1-3 teaches you precise assessment protocols to connect and clear the subconscious emotional roots driving imbalance and stress, provides you with an organized and powerful intuitive refinement process, teaches you multiple balancing and meditation protocols along with remote assessment and treatment protocols. This is a transformative learning experience that will expand your personal, professional and spiritual practice. AK helps you to channel more energy effortlessly, to activate, listen, and live your souls purpose.

Once you’ve completed 3 levels of AK Energy Balancing & Meditation Training You Will Have Gained These Key Skills:


How to accurately assess and determine the chakra and emotion patterns creating imbalance in the energy system. 


Increase your ability to sense, channel and shift energy in the body and energy fields.


Learn a complete energy balancing and meditation approach that addresses all levels of the mind, body,creates higher states of spiritual activation, and stronger self-directed energy based clearing by activating and building your upper chakra channel


To enhance your own resiliency to stress and strengthen your ability to heal- naturally whether you’re a practitioner or wellness advocate just starting out.


A complete step-by-step energy healing protocol to conduct effective assessments and energy healing sessions via chair, table, distance and/or remote .


Multiple self balancing and energy meditation protocols to support higher vibrational states of emotion like love, gratitude, appreciation.


How to infuse Ak into any modality or lifestyle to enhance the effectiveness, flow, and impact of that work. 

*Our Ak Community is filled with men and women from all over the globe and from all walks of life. Healing arts practitioners, Yoga & Mindfulness instructors, health-care providers, Fitness & Wellness Professionals & Advocates, Crystal Healers, Teachers, Coaches, Ministers, Parents, Students, Retirees, Veterans, Service Providers, Animal Care-Givers and more…

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*Next Fall Online Training Starts Oct. 28th.

*Next Fall Live Training in Crystal Lake, Il. Starts Nov. 11th.

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