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Tamara Gold and Angie ZX UH deliver a fun and value packed chat to help any of you who experience difficulty with sensing energy! This live stream is loaded with a handful of simple ideas and tips to help you to understand how to troubleshoot and develop stronger sensing skills. Many of our students have come to class with that same frustration. However, the assessments and energy sensing skills they learned in AumaKhua-KI® Energy Balancing & Meditation training have helped themall break through to a new level of sensing and skill. Their fall training schedule starts Sept 22-24th with the In Person Level 1, 2 and 3 AK classes taught locally in Crystal Lake, Il. There are 2 more spots available if you would love to start the next level of your Energy Mastery Journey.Tamara is a certified AumaKhua-Ki ® Master Instructor who will also start the Online Level 1 - 3 AK Attunement webinars next month. You can learn more about their events at their website:, you can join their AK Attunement webinar series next month. Register now. Spots are still available.AKMidwest Energy Balancing & Meditation Training AumaKhua-Ki Energy Balancing & Meditation#energymedicine #empowerment #chakrahealing #chakrawisdom #meditate #meditation #healing

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Tamara Gold, B.S., NMT, CES, AK Master Instructor, AK Master.

Angie ZXUH, Crystal Healer, AK Instructor, AK Master.

Are you looking for the missing link to finding your purpose? 

Are you ready to come out of the spiritual closet and step out as a skilled, modern, holistic healing practitioner??

Are you looking for an organized energetic tool to implement into your work or existing energy practice that teaches you assessment, refinement and real strategies to take your work to the next level?

No more guesswork. Learn precise chakra assessment, activation, and energy balancing protocols with Team AK Midwest – AumaKhua-Ki (R) Energy Balancing & Meditation Classes.

AumaKhua-Ki® Energy balancing and meditation activation’s completely elevate your ability to sense, channel and work intelligently to create balance within the mind-body complex. Whether you are seeking a deeper sense of spirituality and purpose, more wellness-based outcomes such as, deeper relaxation responses or you want to develop a keener sense of working on emotional clearing components within your transformational session work using Energy-Based Healing constructs. AK enhances and easily integrates into your existing framework and self-care practices. It’s powerful, potent, and what we know to be The World’s Most Potent Frequency of Energy Healing.

AumaKhua-Ki® IS one of the most activating energy frequencies we’ve felt in 30 years. AKEB & M starts with a Level 1 experience and attunement that brings you fully into the AumaKhua-Ki(R) Energy system. You do not need to wait days or months to know, work, and integrate these “Key’s Of Light”. Many of our students have never studied energy work and use it in many daily applications in their life, with family and creative projects. We have a significant amount of Holistic Practitioners- Health Care Providers, Yoga Instructors, Energy Master Teachers, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapist finding their way to us!

AumaKhua-Ki(R) Training offers Levels 1-4, Master, Teacher and Master Instructor levels of training. Ak Midwest training teaches you precise assessment protocols to connect and clear the subconscious emotional roots driving imbalance and stress, provides you with an organized and powerful intuitive refinement process, teaches you multiple balancing and meditation protocols along with remote assessment and treatment protocols. This is a transformative learning experience that will expand your personal, professional and spiritual practice. AK helps you to channel more energy effortlessly, to activate, listen, and live your souls purpose.

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